Talisman Online server files and tools
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Talisman server binaries and tools

Whole process is properly explained on blog

Note (On every rerun, you should delete .pid (process id) file)

DB server

  • Configure db_server_user.ini to match your sql server credentials
  • Pass appropriate permissions to db_server binary
  • Run db_server

Login server

  • Configure login_user.ini to match your public IP
  • Switch to desired ports that login should run on
  • Under [Login] section, enter mysql user which has full permissions
  • Pass appropriate permissions to login_server binary
  • Run login_server

Game server

  • Configure server_user.ini to match the data from login_server.ini
  • Put the .EVP file configured for your server (Described in blog)
  • Extract game_server binary from the .7z file
  • Pass appropriate permissions to game_server binary
  • Run game_server